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These are some of the books we will be releasing in the near future.

sketch for Warrior Errant cover

Warrior Errant

by Harry Elliott
Release April 2018, at Eastercon

Very different societies have been built on three moons of the gas giant, Mitera: sturdy fishermen of the ocean moon Landfall, decadent nobles and poor agrarian workers on the fertile moon Ishra, and gene-altered technologically-implanted trans-humans of the harsh moon Avernus.

Now war has broken out, and military forces of these contrasting cultures combine to fight a deadly insurgency. They must learn to overcome their differences and mutual suspicions or risk being destroyed by a hostile environment and a canny enemy.

Follow Private James Dalton of Landfall and his friends from boot camp as they discover the horrors of war, deal with their prejudices, and try to discover their own place in this conflict.

But could they be fighting for the wrong side?

sketch for Dreams of a Yellow Balloon cover

Dreams of a Yellow Balloon

by Dilman Dila

A disabled boy is abandoned in an African war zone. His brilliant mind gives him the chance to survive, but leads some to think he is possessed by ancestral spirits.

Near future SF by award-winning Ugandan author and film maker.

The Hungry Ones

by Elana Gomel
Summer 2018

A woman with no name wakes in a strange city whose very infrastructure is alive. And it is under siege, beset by starvation victims turned ravenous monsters. City and Country are locked in an eternal struggle, possessed by the mind of the power-crazed Grandfather and the spirit of a dying infant. Somehow, the woman is the key to the conflict. But she has to choose: between the country and the city; between the lost boy-next-door and the man who is not human; between survival and self-sacrifice.

sketch of China Moon cover

China Moon

by Michael W. Clark

Sandra Fujisaki-Sato, adoptive mother of the first human clone, grew up in the Chinese-run moonbase. But as a Japanese-American, she and her children have no real citizenship and few rights. She just wants to raise a family, but SinoLunar Corp wants their human clone 'experiment' back and terrorists think their very existence is an abomination.

Pillar of Frozen Light

by Barry Rosenburg

Jonan is a successful psychology professor who helps people deal with their fear of space travel, while he is perfectly happy to remain on Earth himself. He is a sophisticate who lives an indulgent life. He thought Yerudit was just a quick fling, but she is much more than that. When she leaves Earth on a pilgrimage, Jonan finds he is still obsessed with her. His choice to follow her path through the planets on which are found the mysterious Obelisks, alien artefacts that evoke mystical sensations in Jonan, will fundamentally alter his views on life and reveal his destiny.