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These are some of the books we will be releasing in the near future.

sketch of China Moon cover

China Moon

by Michael W. Clark
Release August 2016

Sandra Fujisaki-Sato, adoptive mother of the first human clone, grew up in the Chinese-run moonbase. But as a Japanese-American, she and her children have no real citizenship and few rights. She just wants to raise a family, but SinoLunar Corp wants their human clone 'experiment' back and terrorists think their very existence is an abomination.

Pillar of Frozen Light

by Barry Rosenburg
Release autumn 2016

Jonan is a successful psychology professor who helps people deal with their fear of space travel, while he is perfectly happy to remain on Earth himself. He is a sophisticate who lives an indulgent life. He thought Yerudit was just a quick fling, but she is much more than that. When she leaves Earth on a pilgrimage, Jonan finds he is still obsessed with her. His choice to follow her path through the planets on which are found the mysterious Obelisks, alien artefacts that evoke mystical sensations in Jonan, will fundamentally alter his views on life and reveal his destiny.

sketch for Japanese fantasy cover

Japanese Fantasy Anthology

Release winter 2016

Working title: Tales from the Sunrise Lands. This will be an anthology of fantasy short stories set in fantasy Japan. Richard Parks is leading the line-up of excellent authors in this collection, which should also contain stories first published in the Japanese language and translated into English for the first time. Submissions for this anthology are still being accepted, see the Submissions page for details.