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Listed here are the open calls we are currently reviewing. You are welcome to submit material that fits these guidelines, just follow the submission procedure in the listing. We will also consider proposals for novels or non-fiction books. For novels, please send an e-mail containing a synopsis of your book (summary of the story including characters, plot, and conclusion), as well as the first few chapters (no more than 10,000 words). For other projects (non-fiction, novellas, stories) send a short e-mail outlining your idea and we will get in touch. Please do not send your whole novel unless we ask, and do not send physical copies.

Japanese anthology

Tales of the Sunrise Lands

An Anthology of Japanese Fantasy
Submissions for this anthology are mostly closed.

Japan has a unique culture, with a deep tradition of legends and stories of the fantastic. This anthology seeks to explore that tradition, with stories set in fantasy Japan.

We seek stories set in the fantasy analogue of Japan. While many stories will be set in the legendary past, all styles of fantasy literature will be considered, such as modern/urban fantasy, magical realism, and weird fiction. No science-fiction for this anthology please, focus more on magic, mythology and legend rather than technology, science and future (although those boundaries are understandably fuzzy).

The anthology will be headlined with a story by Richard Parks - who is known for his Yamada Monogatari series among other works. I have several more stories for the anthology already, so remaining spaces are limited.

While I am open to any excellent story that fits the anthology, here are some things I would like to see in the remaining slots.

While not a specific request, the editor likes the works of Hayao Miyazaki, as well as Kurosawa's 'Dreams'. One could do worse than emulating the spirit of these works by such master story-tellers.

LENGTH: 1500-6000 words. We will consider a select few longer works, but query first.

RIGHTS SOUGHT: First Worldwide print and electronic English Language rights. Exclusivity for 1 year from date of release. Non-exclusive rights to keep the anthology in print afterwards.

PAYMENT: £0.03/word (approx. 5¢/word US). Contributor's copy. Payment will be made when story line-up is finalized.


PROCEDURE: attach an RTF or DOC or ODF or Plain Text file in an email. Send to

In the e-mail include your:

We will judge submissions based on the writing, not on your cover letter, so don't spend too much effort trying to impress us with it.

Please make the file name the same as the title of the story.

Authors with a personal or family connection to Japan are especially encouraged to apply.

If you have any questions, contact .


The release schedule for the coming year is quite full. We will still review submissions, but will only take on something new at this time if it is extra special.

We are always looking for good novels. We will consider unsolicited novels from unrepresented authors. Just be aware that this is a small company, so we can only publish a few items per year, and it may take a little while to read your manuscript since reading the slush pile is at the end of a long list of things to be done around here.

We pay an advance and royalties. Our advance may not be as big as the major houses, but we feel it is important that authors get paid for their work. Our royalties, on the other hand, are more generous than larger publishers offer, and we are willing to negotiate terms for subsidiary rights and such in a fair process. We view our authors as partners, and we are not out to take advantage of you (as some in the industry might try).

Please send an e-mail containing a synopsis of your book (summary of the story including characters, plot, and conclusion), as well as the first few chapters so we can see how you write (no more than 10,000 words, can be less). Send these to . If we like what we see, we may ask for more.

We are interested in science-fiction and fantasy. We are particularly interested in trans-humanism, interstellar colonization, environmental problems, philosophical quandaries, innovative epic fantasy, fantasy based on non-western cultures, but not limited to those topics. We want quality writing addressing ideas in original ways. We are open to working with authors from anywhere in the world, especially from cultures which have been under-represented within SFF in the past.

We do NOT want the following:

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